Technology Trends in 2022, Society Should Be Ready for Change

Development of technology trends in 2022, certainly will be influenced by a number of things. One of them is a pandemic that has until now been not over.

Recordedly, there are a number of countries in the world that show Covid-19 cases. For example Russia, Britain, the United States, Ukraine, and Turkey. The main cause of this surge in Covid-19 cases is the easing of restrictions in various sectors of the economy.

Technology Trends in 2022

In addition, there are other factors that cause the case of Covid-19 is globally back up. Such as adherence to community prokes that are on the decline (wash hands, wear masks, to keep distance).

This globally occurring pandemic, of course, will hearuhi current society behavior and customs. For example those who used to work in offices, during the pandemic they worked from home (WFH).

Not surprisingly, when using technologies like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. are becoming increasingly popular amid the pandemic.

During the pandemic, there were at least 5 booming technology trends in communities among them:

  • Shop online.
  • Digital payment application.
  • Video conference.
  • Remote Learning (PJJ).
  • Online entertainment, e.g. video on demand services and online gaminge.

It doesn’t feel soon we’ll be at the end of the year 2021. Where, this signifies that soon we will enter the new year which is 2022.

Technology trends are a hot topic of conversation for be discussed toward the close of the end of the year. Because the current use of technology has been so massive that the growing technology trend can be realized affect our daily lives.

Here is the 2022 technology trend that is a must-know.

5G (Network Technology Trend)

In Indonesia, at least people can enjoy the net5 5G however is limited to a number of areas only. For example, the areas of Jabodetabek, Medan, Batam, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Solo, Makassar, and a number of well other in Indonesia.

By 2022, 5G service is predicted to become technology trend is increasingly being used in society. Because, today’s community cannot escape the use of the internet to help various activities-day.

In fact, this one technology trend is already being applied within the world automotive and healthcare. In both industries, 5G technology is utilized for a new connected experience for users.

Such as submitting data regarding health indicators details and blood pressure, and provide various information about traffic.


This technology is gaining popularity in the world, as it is becoming more and more is also a society that uses laptops, computers, smart phones, and other IoT devices.

Thus, cyber attacks become concern of the users lift-up of such technology. Inevitably, cyber security or cyber security is a reliable technology to address the rampant attacksn cyber that occurs on technology devices such as malware viruses and someware.


The next 2022 technology trend is blockchain, sat technology This u is becoming known to the world community as virtual currencies become more popular.

Blockchain is not just as a vi-currency drive technology, such as Bitcoin et al. But, blockchain can also be used to help various sectors.

Starting from payment at the bank, processing data in real time, to accelerate cross-border financial transactions. This is the 2022 blockchain technology trend that is predicted to be increasingly utilized by industrially.

Adoption of increasingly massive blockchain technology in 2022 also with pandemic situations not over yet. Where, many industries are predicted to increasingly carry out business transformation.

Industry-adopted blockchain capabilities for Aspect-style, this makes blockchain a leading-edge technology when the industry wants to transform from conventional to digital.


According to Grand View Research, the global AR market will experience kensettle to reach $340.16 billion by 2028.

This is encouraged with an increasing number of man powering industries attatiate AR. One AR technology that will be widely used is for retail and manufacturing needs.

For example AR technology is utilized for product visualization in retail and employee training in manufacturing.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also predicted to remain a technology trends in 2022. Simply put, AI utilization aims to provide the ability to process inputs and explain outputs to the peripheralssoft.

One of the AI trends in 2022 that is predicted to be widely touted is related to the cyber security and automotive industry.

Those are the five technology trends in the world that are predicted to boom even more in 2022. With the increasing progress of IPTEK, the public is also expected to be able to adapt to the latest technology trends.

This is the key to self-advancement in the era of society 5.0 amid today’s technological advances. As a result, people also have to be more selective in choosing emerging technologies. In order for technologist advancement currently could be utilized as needed and could help our daily activities.


For the working world, societies that can adapt to technological developments have bigger to be able to compete in today’s digital age. Therefore, adapting to IPTEK progress exists It’s one of the abilities that every worker needs to have today.

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