Living in Indonesia, Should I Buy a 5G Phone?

Who doesn’t have a speeding internship?? Surely no one is willing to resist being upset just because the network is stalled on both the internet and data transfer.

Well, fifth generation or 5G (fifth g) technologyeneration) here’s the answer to his melt on internment. It is no wonder that mobile phone manufacturers are racing to produce smartphones equipped with 5G technology.

Should I Buy a 5G Phone?

5G is an advanced mobile telecommunication standar that provides more speed than its predecessor, i.e. the 4G standard. Fifth generation mobile technology, 5G, this munnerving number of excellence in enjoying smartphones. As quoted from the compass streamed live science, this 5G network is equipped with millimeter waves.

This millimeter wave uses a frequency of 30-300 gigahertz (10-100 times higher than radio waves used by 4G/fourth generation and WiFi networks).

5G network excellence:

  • Higher data speeds as it uses millimeter waves that easily absorb foliage and buildings.
  • Has a speed of one milli per second for transfer data from the phone to the other phone.
  • Can be connected to other tools, such as pedomestic rallies, telephones, cars, and others.
  • 5G network speed is expected to reachi 800 Gbps per second. At this rate, internet users could download about 33 movies with HD (high definition) quality in seconds.

5G network shortage:

  • Need many BTS (base transceiver stations)

5G network needs a lot of BTS because it uses millimeter waves. This is in contrast to 4G networks that still use radio waves in sentimental order. BTS is a facilitating telecommunication infrastructure the wireless communication lite between the communication device and the operator’s network.

  • Higher energy millimeter wave radiation

Millimeter wave rated could harm health such as burns or other thermal damage in the event of overheating. But this exposure is only susceptible to morning work in near transmitter of high-power radio frequencies.

There are 5G, there must be supporters to act on fancied it. This means that even if a phone is equipped with 5G technology, but if the infrastructure is not supported, it is impossible for the 5G network to be used.

So, 5G standard technology in a smartphone can only function if there is a supporting infrastructure, namely 5G frequency, spectrum, transportation, and cloud issues. In other words, 5G networks must be starch with the medium used in order to function as a man should. Well, as long as these facilities that support 5G functions are not yet available, the 5G technology in each of these latest phones is also available can’t be used either.


These 5G networks are newly marriageabledead Indonesian society in the coming 2024 . So, is it necessary to buy a new 5G technology phone that is now widely sold in the Indonesian market? Answer certainlyhis is in each person’s hands.

But surely for now indeed the network 5G is not yet available in Indonesia even though mobile phones that have 5G features have been sold a lot.

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