9 The World’s Unique and Sophisticated Payments!

What the hell couldn’t be done in an era all-in-one through its supporting technologies? Almost everything that used to be done manually and takes a long time, can now be in the blink of an eye and practical.

As with transaction payments that lately it’s gotten simpler and faster and makes no bother. Even innovation in this world of technology is getting more and more unique. And, unimaginable before!

Unique and Sophisticated Payments in the World!

There are many electronic payment systems that continue to evolve and far abandon the traditional ways. If we note, there are at least 9 unique and sophisticated methods of payment that are collected, namely:

1. Pay with ‘Smile’ (Smile to Pay)

Recently fast food (fast) restaurant food) from the United States, KFC, in China implemented a non cash payment that is completely unique and funny. How could it not be? The person who bought the menu at this Hangzhou city’s KFC restaurant paid only with a ‘smile’. How come?

Yup, why not? Again, getting more sophisticated technology, the more unique the way it is offered. This payment system uses face recognition (face recognition system) technology. The latest payment method developed by Yum China Holdings Inc., this is named Smile to Pay (pay with a smile), which Ant Financial collaborates with in building face recognition software.

The way it works is by scanning face consumers to pay for the purchased menu. Then such consumer mobile phone numbers are entered. The goal, to avoid fraud and identity forgery, is because these facial scans are combined with kam3D era and algorithm detection. To that end, this Smile to Pay cannot be used by others.

Well, for those who like selfies, it seems this ovation adds to the media/tool list to satisfy stylish self, doesn’t it? Duh, unique huh? When does this payment method exist in Indonesia huh? Let’s just wait!

2. Pay by Scan Code (Alipay Taobao)

Still in the Land of Bamboo Curtain, the way of a swallow A unique is also served at the Hangzhou number dining area. This time it is not only his pay system alone that is inefficient, but also his mobile operational concept that makes people refuse not to squeak in awe.

Because the cafe belongs to the e-commerce world, Jack Ma, this is almost unmanned because consumers are not served with waitresses and without cashiers to make payments. Consumers are free to choose foods to order only with a speech-recognition screen (penthegenal of sound).

Corresponds to the e-commerce owner’s namer big in China this unique way of payment is called alipay through Taobao app. By scanning the QR code (Quick Response) on the application at the entrance, then the camera will monitor the consumer.

Food ordered via Speech-recognition, automatically deducted from Alipay balance, payment is made automatically via mobile phone at the time of exit through check-out door. Hmm cool, isn’t it? When was yes there in Indonesia?

3. Pay with Chip Planted in Hand (SJ Microchip Implants)

Other untimely digital payments unique and sophisticated are SJ Microchip Implants. By implanting biometric pieces (chips biometric implants) under the skin –usually near the wrist—then even payment transactions are becoming more practical.

This digital blurb is implemented by SJ Rail in Sweden. The clerk scanned only the hand of the train passenger. These SJ Microchip Implants store information regarding personal ticket accounts.

Are Indonesians ready with technologic payment like this? The conditions aren’t afraid of needles, anyway!

4. Pay with Eye Gaze (Retinal Scpay An Payment)

This one payment transaction is used to. Get used to it is quite unique because it can be done with just a look in the eye. This technology is available in smartphones (smartphones) output of the Rising Sun Country aka Japan.

This smartphone uses pen technology the membrane of the rainbow eye (iris recognition). To pay for a service or product, simply highlight the eye view on the camera screen of the mobile phone alone, as the smartphone is already equipped with biometric eye features.

5. Pay with Car Key (Car Key Payment)

Pay for the groceries using the car keys? Maybe this sounds like a joke only. Again, in this ever-evolving age of technology, there is hardly a word impossible to do.

In the moment the wallet is left at home, It’s already in the shopping mall, returning home just to pick up the wallet seems like it’s a waste of time. Not only that, but fuel and power are also wasted. Why not use car keys to pay for all the groceries purchased? Can it? Recently, French manufacturers DS and Barclaycard have launched a payment technology called DS3 or Connected Chic.

Imagine, paying for groceries is as easy as opening the car door by remotely dialing the scan (remotely scan). Yes, multifunctional technology always provides a choice of ease in doing various things. Each key fob contains one Barclaycard bPay chip. This is why the vehicle key can be used to make traceable payments through the Pay app on Android and iPhone.

6. Pay with Bracelet (Wristband Payment)

This non cash payment is other than functioning like credit and debit cards, of course it can also be stylish, you know. The technology used for this payment tool is NFC (Near Field Communication).

If you want to go shopping but can still be stylish without carrying troublesome items, just wear these smart bracelets to pay for the purchased products.

Make no mistake. Payment tools using bracelets are already in Indonesia, you know! Usually we can find this electronic money on banking products to pay for train tickets, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT/Busway), and others.

7. Pay by Ring (Ring Payment)

Not much different from the way it pays through bracelets, in this all-around era it can also pay for things with rings. It is also equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

The ring is connected with a credit card, so the function is certainly the same. So far it is still Visa-type credit cards that have used such smart technologies, which were introduced in the United States.

8. Pay by Watch (Smartwatch Payment)

This Near Field Communication technology can also be encountered on watches. Almost everyone’s dependent on this one thing, isn’t it? The watch is always carried wherever it goes to remind oneself by anime.

If it’s like this, everywhere you go can still pay for something you bought even though you left your wallet at home, right? Provided that the merchant party (trade) provides an appropriate machine to receive payment dengan this tool.

Of course, this NFC technology is not only used in the three items, namely bracelets, rings, and watches, but also in other items such as smartphones (smart phones) and others.

9. Pay by Fingerprint (Fingerprint Payment)

Generally fingerprints are used by companies as employee attendance lists or absenteeism to the extent that they are used for entrance access to a building/office. However it turns out fingerprinting could also be used to make a payment transaction.

Japan has implemented this technology and has increasingly made it easier for people to transact. In fact they plan to develop transactions with these fingerprints to take money at ATMs.


As the times evolve, technology takes an important role in human civilization today. Non-cash payers are familiar in this millennial age. So even the cashless campaign has spread secara massive and becoming a necessity in an increasingly dynamic era.

With ever-growing innovation, this payment technology is increasingly making its users happy to switch to a non cash payment system. How could it not be? With a unique payment system, will make people are fond of non cash transactions because they are funny. And the most important thing is to make it easier.

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