5 Real Time Data-Based Technology Utilization Examples

Why real time data technology is so important in the era now? Know how real time data can help your business! Data represents a very important thing in the business. In the absence of data, then you don’t have a solid basis for decision making. And of course if you don’t will decisions based on data, then a company’s existence can be at stake.

But sometimes we need time in getting data.Even in the past, the data collection process could last for years and during which time they could not take a definite decision. How can this problem be solved?

Industrial Revolution 4.0: Real Time Data Strategy

Fortunately the development of digital technology is not stopping Just get there. To date technologies that could display data in real time or directly have been can we utilize. By using real time data technology, then we can get data right then and instantly can make the right decisions without having to waste time. Internet of Things or IoT devices could help companies get data that are directly accurate. Here’s some the example:

Control System On Machines Inside the Manufacturing Industry

Machines inside the manufacturing industry in the present, already need not be manually monitored by workers and technicians. The system is now able to detect if the machine is experiencing malfunction, and could provide its information directly thanks to the help of real time system data.

The system will perform the engine condition monitor on a cyclical basis in units of seconds (on more sophisticated machines, it can even be up to microseconds). System collects data automatically right then and match those data against normal data.

So that the system will know if a pad fault occurs machine, and he could give a warning to the technician.

E-Ticketing In the World of Transportation

Did you know that the ticket booking application you also present thanks to the presence of real time data system?

You don’t have to worry lest you can’t Use tickets, due to delays between data in the application and counters at the station or airport. Everything can be due to data collected is real data that is calculated every second of it.

It means once the transaction is completed or canceled, then the system can detect it automatically. Both users and vendors remain able to run sales as usual without needs to update the ticket status manually.

Analytics In the Digital Marketing World

In the world of digital marketing, real time data system It’s not really needed. Especially when it comes to the evaluation of the ongoing promotion strategy.

Google Analytics is one of the tools that supports real time system data. Digital marketers can instantly see how the interaction is going on inside the website (either as well as visitor origin), without the need to wait for the data processing process.

Video Call

The concept of real time data is also implemented on the world telecommunications, one of which is the video call or video call system you use commonly.

With the concept of real time data, then you can instantly view video without the need to wait for delay because data is directly transmitted and received. Even communication can get easier and efecctive.

Software ERP

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning constitutes incorrect one a type of production management software that is widely used to make planning and supervision of corporate activities.

ERP can assist you in monitoring product activities, distribution, until evaluation thanks to the real time system data used. You could instantly see how the product process is performed or how the distribution process runs directly without the need to wait for the process to complete first.

This will help you in making up your mind.an faster and more precise one, because you can also see the process. You can also match how the planning results originally against its real estate directly.


Clearly, real time data is an opportunity for you. With this system, you no longer have to wait for the workflow process to complete just to get data. Again, this helps you to get legitimate data faster and helps make decisions without waiting long. Now what about your company? Have you implemented real time data systems inside your company’s development strategy? Or still using manual means?

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