How to Overcome Forgot Password in Windows 7

Computer devices and laptops that we usually use everyday, especially if we work using computers. Then very important device without problems. Computers that have forgotten the password will not be able to enter the exact login password. For that the thing to do is fix it.

How to fix it? Check out the explanation below.

In this article, I will focus on discussing the problem of how to overcome forgotten passwords on Windows 7. You don’t need to rush to take it to a repairman before trying the tutorial I gave. Why is that? I have tried the method I gave a few months ago, where I once experimented with how to overcome forgotten passwords on Windows 7.

Actually the computer that I use is not having problems forgetting the password. However, I did this experiment to make sure that this method can be used to overcome forgotten passwords on Windows 7.

And as a result the way I did it worked 100% Work without software and reinstall. Some solutions you can do to solve this problem: Reinstall windows 7. Take it to a repairman. And the way through the Windows 7 system recovery. I’m not discussing re-installing Windows 7. However, for the discussion in this article, namely how to overcome forgotten passwords through system recovery on Windows 7.

The solution that I provide will reset the windows 7 password without the need to use a third software. In addition, regarding the computer data that you have will not be deleted / lost. Because I myself have honestly made sure that the data in it is safe.

Suppose you ask, can this solution be used to overcome forgotten passwords on Windows 10? I can’t really be sure myself. Because I’ve never done a problem with Windows 10. If you want to try it, go ahead. But I can’t really confirm how it can be used on windows 10.

Here are the steps to reset windows 7 password without software and without reinstalling:

How to Overcome Forgot Password in Windows 7 There is no preparation that you have to prepare. Simply prepare a Windows 7 computer or laptop that has forgotten the password. There are several ways that you can use, possibly through safe mode or through the bios. However I will not go through that, but using windows recovery.

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Here’s how to fix it. Note: For pictures, I can’t display them because they are missing. For that later I will try to upload the image if it already exists.

First, turn on your windows 7 computer/laptop.

Second, when the PC is on. Until the “Starting Windows” screen press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys simultaneously.

Third, Windows will enter the “Windows Error Recovery” mode. In this section there are 2 parts. namely, Launch Startup Repair (Recommended) and Start Windows Normally. Click on Launch Startup Repair (Recommended).

Fourth, after clicking on the previous section as above. It will appear “Windows Is Loading File”. Wait for the process to finish.

Fifth, if it is finished. Then the Startup Repair menu will appear. Wait for the loading to finish.

Sixth, the information “Do you want to restore your computer using the System Store” will appear. Just choose cancel. After selecting cancel, the computer will load. Just wait until the process is complete. More or less the waiting process ranges from 10-15 minutes.

Seventh, After waiting for the process, windows will display “Recovery Repair”. In this section select “View Problem Details (Click on the section like the sign down).

Eighth, scroll to the bottom. Then click “x:\windows\system32\en-US\ercfflps.txt. Notepad will appear.

Ninth, after the notepad appears. Click file on notepad – open – computer – local disk C – Computer – system32.

Tenth, on the tab. In the “File of type” section, the type is changed to “All files”.

Eleventh, in the system32 folder. Look for a file named sethc then change it to sethc cold. Then look for cmd and then copy and paste. In the cmd-copy section rename it to sethc.

Twelfth, if you have finished what I have explained and followed correctly. Next out on this section. How to get it out by canceling it then closing notepad and selecting Don’t Send (Choose Cancel).

Thirteenth, then we will return to Startup Repair. In this section there are 2 options that you can choose from. Namely, “Are you sure want to exit startup repair and restart you computer” Select yes.

Fourteenth, let the Windows 7 computer restart itself until the user account login menu. In this login screen menu all you need to do is press the Shift key 5 times. That is, cmd will appear.

Fifteenth, in cmd type net use command (Enter your PC Administrator name correctly) *. For example like this, net use teknofress *. So adjust it with your PC Adminstrator name.

After that, a new password will appear. Enter your new windows 7 password. If you still feel confused or something, after entering net use, you just have to enter.

Until the information “The Command Complete Successfully” appears. If you have reached the command complete successfully stage, it means that you have succeeded in opening and resetting the old password with a new or blank one (if not given).

Note: I use this fix on a Windows 7 operating system computer.

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