Causes and How to Solve Windows 10 Blue Screen Computer

Causes and How to Solve Windows 10 Blue Screen Computer

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Some errors that sometimes like to appear also on computers whose windows operating system is a Blue screen or a blue screen. The blue screen itself just appears when the computer is in use. Therefore, here I will discuss the causes and how to solve the blue screen in Windows 10.

Before continuing the discussion and how to fix it. It would be nice if we had to know in advance what a blue screen is.

What is Blue Screen

Blue screen or what is called BSOD is an abbreviation of Blue Screen Of Death. Windows damage has its own blue screen, which is marked by the desktop screen display becoming a blue screen along with the error code displayed.

Blue screen problems will certainly be very annoying when you use a computer, because every time we do activities on the computer, it will always appear. And will interfere with your performance too.

Because for example you are editing a document, then suddenly the desktop screen turns off and turns into a blue screen, all the data you did will automatically be lost.

For that we need to fix it.

Causes of Blue Screen in Windows 10

Here are some problems on your Windows 10 computer experiencing a Blue screen screen.

Corrupt Windows Driver

One of the causes of the blue screen is a windows driver that is corrupt/damaged or infected with a virus. Windows drivers are of course many types on windows computers, for example, such as lan drivers, USB drivers and so on. It is possible that the blue screen driver that is important to use is damaged or outdated.

To see which drivers on windows have errors or are outdated, you can view them by following the method below.

Open the menu window.

In the search field enter device manager.
Then a display will appear containing the types of drivers on the device.
If you look at a display has an exclamation mark (!). This means you have to update the driver.

This does not rule out the possibility.

Computer Components That Don’t Fit in Place

What you need to know too. If the placement of a component on the windows does not fit in its place. This can cause the windows that we use will experience a blue screen.

Because of that we have to make sure again whether it is appropriate on time or not. How to find components see on the motherboard is appropriate and correct.

Computer Virus Affected

Devices that are exposed to a virus, whether it’s from outside (the Internet) or from tools that we have ourselves contain viruses, of course it will be very dangerous. Because the virus could have been able to take your personal data or enter by damaging the components in it.

For that we need to see / scan for viruses on the computer. There are many software viruses available on the internet for free or paid that you can use. As:
AVG Antivirus.
Avira Antivirus.
Avast Antivirus.
And other antivirus software.

Windows 10 OS Broken

One of the other causes is that the Windows operating system is corrupt. Of course there are lots of important files in it that we need to know. Windows will not run properly if the system contains corrupt files or files that have been modified incorrectly.

Windows file system errors can also occur due to a virus in it. The virus will certainly damage the windows system, resulting in the computer that we use cannot run properly as well as the blue screen problem.

RAM is Obsolete

Ram or which means Random Access memory is a component that is very much needed in a computer. Use to store data that runs in it. Ram that is outdated or doesn’t have a lot of storage can cause apps to crash. And can cause the computer to experience a blue screen.

For that we need to use ram that has a large size to store data that is running enough.

Those are some of the causes of a Windows 10 computer experiencing a blue screen.

How to Fix Blue Screen in Windows 10

After I have explained some of the causes of windows experiencing a blue screen. Here are the steps on how to deal with the blue screen correctly.

Driver Updates

If your computer/laptop has an error windows driver. You can do this by updating the driver.

For the steps to update it, you can look for the drivers needed for the components needed. Or if you don’t want to bother looking for the driver. That is, you can use driver applications, such as driver solutions and so on.

Replacing Or Cleaning RAM

Just be honest! When I experience blue screen problems on my computer, the most common way I can fix it is to clean the ram. In my view, it could be that the blue screen problem occurs because the ram we are using is outdated or needs repair.

How to clean ram properly, here’s how.
Take the ram on the problematic computer.
Clean the gold ram with an eraser tool, it is recommended to use a white eraser (black is also not a problem).
Swipe the eraser on the ram from end to end in the same direction (Do not go back and forth). And do it again on the other side.

Then just plug it back in.
This method worked quite well for me. Because when I experience windows error not responding, bluescreen. using this method is quite successful.

Must Reinstall Windows

The last step! If indeed the method above does not fix the blue screen problem. The only way is to reinstall the windows OS. By reinstalling our windows os, the computer will return to like new again.

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