How to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages, Images or Videos

Have you Ever mistakenly sent some messages to the person in WhatsApp? Whether to the wrong person or to the wrong group, this is very awkward and I’m pretty sure that this is the case with a lot of people. Yeah, I’m one of them. The first thing you do at this point is just to delete the message.

But hope you know that if a message is sent and you delete it will only delete it from your side and your friend will still be able to read it. But now WhatsApp gives you the freedom to delete messages once sent.

This feature is a truly beneficial existing in WhatsApp if you accidentally sent some text, pictures or videos. You can delete a message after it has been delivered. This feature will delete that message from the receiver side and the Receiver will see “this message was deleted”

So how to delete sending WhatsApp Messages Has it been sent?

How to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages, Images or Videos
How to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages, Images or Videos
  1. Updating your WhatsApp, for android make sure You have version v2.17.402 or higher. [Download Whatsapp]
  2. Open WhatsApp and touch on the message to select, that you want to delete
  3. You can select multiple messages by selecting satu by one
  4. After you select the message, tap the Delete icon
  5. Now that you have three choices, this is fia new tour
  6. Delete For Me: it will delete the message only on your device
  7. Delete For Everyone:this completely eliminates messages sent on your device and your Recipients — both in individual and group chat.
  8. Press Delete For Me
  9. This will delete the message from the Recipient side and it will display “This Message Delete”your delete this message

Note: You can delete messages for all …ang in seven minutes after being sent. You can’t do anything after that time period.


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