Wanting to Immerse in Information Technology, It’s a Promising Type of Work

This field of information technology closely related to computer systems constitutes of informatics and still pertaining to other computer science. In practice, this one science emphasizes computer programming systems as well as software.

Which became the basis of computer science. This one is a comprehensive understanding. about algorithms. If looking at such, clearly information technology is still closely related to the field of information systems themselves.

Promising Types of Work

The high demand for expertise in this field of information technology is becoming a wind of fresh in the education world, because this is also coupled with the high interest young people have in it.

To date, information technology is still one of the most minimized major in Indonesia, especially by adamants who usually like various things related to computer systems.

Employment opportunities in this field are also widely open, and will still continue to expand. Here are some promising job types for those of you who want to pursue information technology.

Software field

This field of software is becoming a place for people whose work is designing systems application or database operating system. There are many jobs related to the software field, some of which are as follows:

  • Analyst system

The system analyst will be in charge of conducting an analysis of the system to be implemented. This analysis covers several things at once, ranging from analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the system, to conducting feasibility studies for each system that will be built.

  • Programmer

A programmer will be tasked with implementing various designs already created by the analyst system. In this case the programmer will build the program based on such already completed analysis.

  • Web designer

Web designer has many and quite complicated tasks, which is to do any continuous work, including: compiling system planning, conducting feasibility studies, conducting analytics, to creating web-based application development project designs.

  • Programmer Web

A web programmer will be tasked with implementing robust design result created by web designer. This is done by creating a web-based program based on the design.

Hardware field

This hardware field will be directly related to the computer device itself, That is the technical one or the other. There are at least two types of jobs associated with this one field, including:

  • Technical engineer

Technical engineers are tasked with addressing various engineering issues occurring at lift a computer. This includes a variety of tasks, ranging from the maintenance process to the various corrective actions needed.

  • Networking engineer

A networking engineer will be in charge of completing various technical work that is associated with a computer network. This includes multiple jobs at once, ranging from maintenance activities to addressing the various troubleshooting that occur.

Operational information system

The operations of this information system have several different areas of work and appeal to consideration, including:

  • Operator EDP

EDP The operator will be in charge of running various programs related to the electronics data processing contained within a company.

System administrator

A system administrator has a task to perform administrative activities and maintenance inside a system. The person with this post shall have the authority to manage access to the system itself and also perform various matters relating to the operational system of the system.

  • MIS Director

MIS Director is the officer who has the highest authority in a system information. The main task is to manage those systems as a whole, be it related to the software, hardware, up to the SDM contained within the system itself.

IT Business Development

IT Business Development It represents work related to business development within the information technology industry sector itself. It covers many areas, be it those pertaining to corporations up to government agencies.


Every kind of job in the field of information technology does everything promise cause, This field will continue to be needed as increasingly sophisticated technologies develop. However, make sure you choose the type of job that suits your interests. This will certainly make it easier for you to pursue a career to succeed.

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