How to Unlock Realme All Types Bootloader Easily

When We buy a new android then we buy devices are in the still locked state of the bootloader by the manufacturer. the bootloader is locked for several reasons one of them is security. Unlocking the bootloader may weaken the security of your android, Manufacturers already often remind not to do the bootloader unlock, they also reaffirm with the warmness of the warranty if doing the bootloader unlock.

However Many android users do custom on android them due to various advantages , if you want to install custom rom, Twrp, Root you need to open the Bootloader. in this article we will share how to unlock the Realme All Type bootloader that you can directly try. Opening the Bootloader on the Realme device is an easy thing. You just need to follow a few steps below, and set up some syart.

Unlock Bootloader Overflow and Disadvantages

You can also rethink because of the bootloader unlock have a reputation for merits and demerits.

Advantages of Opening the Bootloader

  • Can Me-Root Your Devices
  • Can Install Custom ROM
  • Can Install TWRP
  • Can Install Magisk and other rooting applications
  • Improves android performance
  • Shortage Of Bootloader Unlock
  • Once You Unlock, Your Mobile Warranty Will Hcrosswise
  • Problems With OTA Updates
  • Otherwise the heart can damage android like bootloop up to hardbrick
  • RealMe Bootloader Unlock Preparation and Materials
  • Latest Realme USB Drivers
  • Prepare a Laptop or Computer
  • Windows 8/ 10
  • Make sure your Batray has a minimum of 50% power
  • Follow this Guide Correctly

Unlock Tool APK Realme All Types

How to Unlock OEM All Realme Types

  • Download Apk in Depth Test for All· A realme above corresponds to your realme type
  • Then Install and Open the Apk in-Depth Test
  • Then Click Start Applying.
  • Check “I Have….” and click Submit application
  • wait a few minutes for a proses submitted successfully
  • If it is fair then you will youukan’s Successful Review writing
  • Done you can open the OEM and could proceed to the next process on pc.

How to Unlock the Realme Bootloader All Type with PC

How to Unlock the Realme Bootloader All Type with PC
How to Unlock the Realme Bootloader All Type with PC
  1. Download and Install the Driver Adb in the Your PC is via the link above
  2. Then Enable USB Debugging dan Enable Developer Options by going to Mobile Phone Tetang and Tap Build Number 7x.
  3. Turn on the Computer and Open the Folder ADB on C: Drive
  4. Then press Shift and Click kanan Mouse and click on the open command window here.
  5. Connect Your Realme to a Computer
  6. To make sure your Realme is properly connected to this command
  7. adb devices
  8. Then if you have, please masuk to fastboot mode by the following methods
  9. adb reboot bootloader
  10. Last Step of command stickiness the following
  11. fastboot flashing unlock
  12. Completed UBL Realme process has selated.
  13. Please Reboot your realme.

Now your Realme Bootloader is already open, next step you can install TWRP. Root, Magisk and so on which you like. if this tutorial exists that lacking or you feel a sense of urgencyitan you can leave comments below.

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