How to Install APK KT Naruto and the Link Download, a Trainer Women of Konoha

Naruto became one of the franchise belonging to famous. Depart from the manga, it’s products then there is a shaped anime-viewed by warganet the world hinggat at this time.

Anime itself is really famous in the world. Even the story is still passed through the Boruto called the next generation of some of the characters of Naruto. It is not strange if there are many other products using the name of naruto. One of them is the Naruto games that cater to some of the gamers in the world.

About Naruto: Kunoichi Trainer

How to Install APK KT Naruto and the Link Download, a Trainer Women of Konoha
How to Install APK KT Naruto and the Link Download, a Trainer Women of Konoha

Well, on this occasion we will share with you all one of the naruto games that are sought after by people.

The name of The Game is Naruto KT or Kunoichi Trainer. If You’ve been Curious about this Game?

Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Is a Game in which you will become one of the ninja in the village of konoha. but there you will not fight the face of the enemy the enemy of evil but you will only be facing women in the village of konoha.

This Game is a simulation game which is wrapped with anime characters. what you should really do treat so that the women of those willing to do just about anything your wish. you can go on a date with hinata, sakura, ino, and many others.

Naruto KT is an adult game which is not very suitable for children. you can continued if it was 21+.

Link Download Naruto KT Kunoichi Trainer

To continue to download the app game Naruto KT you can open it through the browser and directly click the link that we provide here.


Once the file is successfully downloaded, the next just put the application in your mobile phone and start playing the game.

How to Install APK KT Naruto

To install app game Naruto KT itself is very easy. However, like other applications downloaded through the browser, we need to install it manually.

Follow the guide below to proceed :

  1. First download the apk file of KT Naruto through the blink above.
  2. After successfully downloaded open the file manager and go to the folder Download.
  3. After it you can find and click on file Naruto KT Apk and select install.
  4. If you sign in to the pop-up menu, give permission for the installation of applications from unknown sources and continue.
  5. Click install or install and wait until the game successfully paired on your phone.
  6. Do not Forget to Extra DATA OBB and Move it to Android/OBB
  7. Next, please open the game naruto KT such.

Final Words

Well, easy is Not it? it looks like that’s all the discussion about naruto KT this time the rest of you guys can download it and play it yourself to find out.

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