How To Compare Height To Other People Online

Right now, a lot of things that can be done easily from home and online. Moreover, in the conditions of the pandemic corona virus which is still endemic that requires all of us to do the activities of the house, such as learning, working, including check kesahatan though.

Factors pandemic makes a lot of people the initiative to do a variety of things that can be reached from the house, although with limitations, such as measuring the height for example. Measure the person’s height can now be done online without bertemy with others offline though. So that we can still measure the height both for ourselves and for others.

If the measurement of a person’s height is done offline, then there are various ways in conducting measurements of height, for example by using the span of the hand. This step is done because the ratio of the span of our hands with the height we have the ratio of 1 : 7, so the length of the span of the hand multiplied by 7 is the amount of height. In addition, measuring the height also can be done yourself by using a ruler.

Step is to stand on a flat surface, and mark the top of our head with a pencil and a direct measurement can be done by using a ruler and a flat surface until the tip of the head that has been marked with a pencil.

How To Compare Height To Other People Online and Safe

How To Compare Height To Other People Online
How To Compare Height To Other People Online

But it can now be made easy with the help of technology through gadgets are done online. The following is a tool that can help do the height measurements online.

App Smart Measure

Tool gadgets which began to progress very rapidly at this time can help facilitate the work of man. Increasingly sophisticated up can be used to measure the height of the human body. The Gadget has a sensor that can be used as a ruler so it can be used to measure the height of the human body, namely the Measurement of the Sensor. Adapaun application that is used to measure the height of the human body that is Smart Measure. How to use it is also easy. First make sure the application Smart Measure is already installed in the gadget. The application can be downloaded in the play store. Once installed, you can directly use it by measuring the distance from the smartphone to the people who will be calculated his height, and then click the get distance. After that, the application will automatically calculate the height of the object being shot.

Body Measure Tracker

This app offers the service of height measurements. This application is quite popular due to users easily. Download this app reached 500 thousand more and not spend a capacity of storage of the lot, because it only requires memory storage by 7.1 MB only.

Hikaku Sitatter – Heigh Comparison Chart

This Website is actually measuring the comparative height self with others. To use this website, you do not need to spend the cost of a penny or free. You can also use the comparative data that is displayed by the site for creation of documents, print, and share on your social media accounts. In this website there will be height of ourselves with others that are used for comparison.

Final Words

Some of these apps can you use to make it easier to do the height measurements online in order to obtain the data even in the conditions are not met though because those results will be shared through social media.

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