7 This Job Will Be Replaced Robot, Maintain Career by Developing This Skill!

The more technology grows so rapidly. even arguably a few years oldtechnology epan will dominate in many sectors, including on the field of employment. Nowadays alone, many advanced technologies of robots can operate a job, especially in some foreign countries.

Like the japanese who present robots for washing hair at salons for the manuals And disability, Paris has Buddy robots that are personal assistants and more.

This Work Will Be Replaced by Robot

According to the World Economic Forum, technological changes will take place during the four years of . This expression is derived based on the “Future of Fobs Report 2018” report data. That is, it is likely that when the year comes that human resources will no longer be needed because the completion of the work will be replaced by robots.

This can certainly shake off one’s career journey. However there is no need for worried, you can still maintain a career in an age of increasingly sophisticated technology well provided you have and develop some basic skills that can sustain your career.

Here are seven jobs that will be lost and replaced by robots, as well as beberapa some basic skills that need to be possessed and developed to support a career.

1. Telemarketing

Telemarketing represents one effective way of promoting a product or jasa over the phone. Unfortunately, this work is beginning to slow down in time. This is because, in addition to the large number of people who have started to be bothered by phone calls to fraud cases, the decline is also due to the presence of technologies that use remote marketing systems. However, there is no news yet this telemarketing job was changed to a robot.

2. Travel agents

Not just a Interesting travel package awareness only, this travel agent is also very accessible. It even uses cell phones only. In view, 70% of the public will do search and share digitally, while the rest are booking online. This can certainly make the condition worse for analog travel agents, if the change is not made immediately, then it is possible that the travel agent that is still being done manually will disappear on time.

3. Rest Employees Fast Food

Presently, faithfully fast food restaurants still empower employees in serving their customers from derivative ordering of food menus to payment. But this certainly won’t last much longer. In the coming few years, across fast food restaurants no longer need employees in their service, but only use an app found on the touchscreen that has been provided inside the restaurant if you want to order a menu. In addition, on his payment also via restaurant app and visitors’ smartphones only.

4. Employees Library and Bookstore us

Previously, If someone is a student, student, researcher or other worker in need of a reading book, surely they will visit conventional bookstores and libraries soon. But the passage of time, both places have already begun to be abandoned. This is because people are making more use of the internet to search e-books. In addition to its easy and quick accessibility, e-books are also backed up at a lower price when compared to its physical books.

5. Cashier

It’s not again if shopping at a retail supermarket must be paying for groceries at the cash register, right? Believe it or not, in the next 10 years as many as 6 € 7.5 million retail workers will no longer be replaced by robots and technology. That is, about 16 million people working as cashiers will be threatened.

6. Bank Teller

When wanting to Depreciate the savings money into wanting to make a transfer, of course it has to be through a bank teller who is in a branch office. In the presence of increasingly sophisticated technologies, each bank is now beginning to present more advanced ATM machines. In addition to being able to withdraw cash, money transfers, and all sorts of bill payments, ATMs also present cash setters. This prosperity puts the role of teller on a nearly 8% decline and will disappear in the next 10 years.

7. Postal Employees

Try you answer, Do these days often see postal workers delivering mail home? If still seeing certainly is rare, isn’t it?

Work mailman or commonly known as postal clerk. It is now beginning to be seen rarely. These days, most people or companies prefer to intrude mail by using email. It is judged to be more efficient and effective, not having to wait long to get a letter or other important document.


Unflappable Left, this increasingly sophisticated technological advancement will slowly shift the position of workers in the next few years. Keep up the spirit of pursuing a successful and brilliant career by having and developing many skills that will certainly sustain your career journey.

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